PC Board Design

We have gained our broad experience, from digital to sensitive analog, from thru hole to surface mount, from 2 layers up to 40 layers while turning out accurate designs on schedule. Our Customers have the confidence to certify Mutual Solutions for shipping artwork to point of use when manufacturing schedules are tight.

PCB Layout:

Input Documentation need from customer:

  • High speed digital, Analog, mixed digital/analog and RF
  • Differential pair routing, Matched length routing
  • Mixed Technology {SMD/Thru-Hole devices}
  • Quick turn around
  • Engineering changes accomodated
  • Design tools used: PADS Power PCB, PCAD, ACAD
  • RoHS Compliant boards {optional}
  • Schematic
  • Bill of Material
  • Net List
  • Outline Drawing
  • Fabrication Specs
  • Stackup
  • Plane Data
  • Line/Pad/Hole Sizes
  • Crosstalk Requirements
  • Data Sheets
  • Required Checkpoints
  • Room Drawing or Suggested Placement
  • Design Schedule
  • Any other type of data that is crucial to the design

Output Files/Documentation:

  • Gerber Files w/Aperture list {RS-274D} or Gerber Files {RS-274X}
  • NC Drill Tape w/ Tape Param. File
  • Assembly Drawings w/ customer format {Gerber or ACAD}
  • Fabrication Drawing w/ customer format {Gerber or ACAD}
  • Paste Masks {SMD Assemblies}
  • X-Y Pick/Place Data
  • Hard Copy Checkplots
  • Design Netlist
  • Design Database
  • DXXF Files of all layers, Assy and Fab drawings
  • Multiple reports upon request