About Us

Mutual Solutions manufactures and distributes top-quality electronic components and assemblies through its huge network of offshore facilities. We are committed to exceeding the product requirements of our customer and are fully prepared to meet any technical or manufacturing challenge. Through the constant evolution of its systems and the ability to meet or surpass any leading component or manufacturing technology.

Mutual Solutions has become a true industry leader in the electronic component marketplace. We have accomplished this by consistently meeting the technical and manufacturing challenges provided to us by our customers.

Mutual Solutions and its strategic partners deliver the trust, knowledge and experience to give you the best product possible, on time every time.

Mutual Solutions,¬†success is the direct result of our commitment to the following principles: Maintaining an unparalleled level of component quality and craftsmanship in every one of our products, and applying all of our expertise and imagination to expand the boundaries of technology in our market sphere. This commitment and our continued success allows Mutual Solutions to establish long-term partnerships with it’s customers to ensure positive, quantitative results.